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Picket fence

A tiny fence on the dunes at Virginia Beach

Down on the dunes

Found this bench on the dunes on Virginia Beach.

Will this be my new home?

The front of the house including one of the two screened porches.

Part of the circular driveway that goes around the back of the house. The white fence separates the property from the neighbors on the right side.

The master bedroom has hardwood floors, two closets and my favorite feature, the reading nook. On the wall that you can't see (backing against the closet) are built in bookshelves. Wouldn't a little comfy chair and a reading lamp be perfect there?

The bathroom.

This is the kitchen. It's small, and the cabinets need paint and new hardware, but I think it's really cute. Eventually I'd replace the countertop and the floor, and add a dishwasher.

The living room with a wood-burning fireplace. The door leads to the side screened porch. Notice that all rooms on this floor have hardwood flooring and radiant heating. Each also has a ceiling fan!

The dining room.

One half of the office upstairs. The grungy carpet needs to go, but otherwise with a fresh coat of paint and some artwork, this would be a very nice space.

The rest of the office. This is where my office would go. Of course, the air conditioning unit would need to go. I hate those things!

Part of the backyard that just happens to be where the vegetable garden would go. Can you imagine me being a farmer?

The planter runneth over

Another photo group entry for the "From an Ant's Point of View" theme for August.

Resting in Red

A cool place to rest at Busch Gardens.

Knit Night

This is where my favorite knitting buddy and I meet almost every Wednesday after work to knit, chat, laugh and enjoy a chai tea infusion at Starbucks.


Easter in August

I don't know what it is about doors, but I love them. Saw this one while driving around town today.

Sunday morning

This isn't the church I attend, but I thought the windows were cool.

Welcome Mat

This month's theme for a photography Meet-up I'm in is "From an Ant's Point of View". So, this is what an ant would see at my front door.
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